[LAST UPDATED: 02/07/2022]



Regardless of your medium, we will try our best to respond to media requests in a timely manner.

We will respond to all UoS Student Media Societies prior to external agencies.

Our Secretary and Campaigns and Publicity Officer hold joint responsibility for responding to press enquiries via email address. Any response provided which contains the wording [OFFICIAL RESPONSE] can be taken as an official comment from SUSNA. Sometimes, a response may come from another member of the executive committee but will always arrive to you from the above email address.

Should a response come from a different email address this is not an official spokesperson or statement, and as such these responses should not be taken as a representative or accurate view from SUSNA, and we will challenge this should it be published. The only exception to this rule is if the email arrives directly from the following email addresses:


Any email received from an email that is not listed above and does not end in is not from a representative of SUSNA and should not be taken as an official statement. Please ensure that you check thoroughly that the email received has been sent by an official from SUSNA.


Here at SUSNA, we place value in our morals and beliefs so we will refuse to provide comment or stories to The Sun Newspaper, including The Scottish Sun and the Sunday editions of these papers. This is due to their disreputable actions in the past, such as the reporting of the suicide of Caroline Flack and the Hillsborough accident. If you are a journalist from these publications and wish to run a story regarding SUSNA we ask that you state we decline to provide a comment to your publication.

We thank you for your understanding, and should you have any further questions please get in touch with us via the media enquiries email address.